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Mission Statement


˜  The mission of these workshops is to empower, educate and train participants to confidently contribute to team-based atmospheres both as a leader and team member. When people see each other as allies instead of competitors, they create a more positive, productive, and profitable work environment.  Helping participants develop their soft skills is not only good for the success of individuals, it is also good for the success of any organization that values these skills.

  What makes All Hands In stand out from other training programs is our use of puppetry to explore soft skill concepts. For non-puppeteers, the puppet is a low-risk and fun tool, allowing participants  to make discoveries about how they work with others. The use of a puppet allows for immediate risk / reward experiences that give tangible and immediate feedback. 



 Kate is passionate about addressing a consistent concern she kept confronting in her own career. Over and over again with many colleagues, she noticed a lack of soft skills necessary to accomplish successful team work. 

 Kate has often be called upon to lead areas of projects because she was able to step into this role with confidence while also creating a supportive and positive team atmosphere in which her colleagues could thrive together. 

 Kate developed these workshops, based her own professional experience in the entrainment industry and her training as a puppeteer, to help shape more confident and cohesive teams. Kate's perspective allowed her to bring creativity and play to this important and impactful work.

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