Leadership and Team Building Training.

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Finding Group Leader Training

Leader training is a fantastic thing for any potential leaders to take but finding group leader training can be difficult. Effective group leader training is going to involve classes on how to effectively communicate, how to work together, and how to build a group and a team that is able to work together under all ranges of circumstances.


Group leader training can be difficult to come by but with the right courses you can have an effective group leader that is able to do more and create a team that works well together. For those in the Los Angeles, CA area, All Hands In is a fantastic opportunity to find a group leader training that works for you and that works for your future leaders as well.

What makes All Hands In stand out from other group leader training programs is that we use the practical tool of puppetry to create a hands-on way of dissecting the dynamics of a group. Understanding how the roles of leader / team member are connected, increases soft skills like communication, empathy and trust. Group leaders who possess soft skills like listening, problem solving, and compassion are more likely to have lower employee turnover, and fewer conflicts between team members, increasing productivity and profitability. 


At All Hands In, we value the productive side of play and believe that our use of puppetry allows group leaders to come away with a deeper understanding of how to empower their teams to their highest potential.