Leadership and Team Building Training.

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What Are Leadership Courses?

Leadership does not come naturally to all people that are put into a leadership position. With the right training and information however, anyone can be an effective leader. So what are some common leadership classes or courses that you might take? The most common is of course basics of leadership. This course is likely going to focus on things like how to effectively talk to your team, how to manage conflict, how to relate information and your goals, and how to deal with any issues that might arise.


These are just some of the basics and can help you to become a better leader that is able to communicate, problems solve, and be a great leader for your entire team. You may also take courses on conflict management, on how to reach and set attainable goals, and how to create a team that is able and ready to work together.

At All Hands In we believe anyone is capable of becoming and effective leader. We also believe that the best leaders are ones who are capable of vulnerability, bravery and risk taking (hint: That’s all of us!) Studies are showing that companies are valuing soft skills over technical skills alone. This makes the area of soft skills a must for anyone who wants to become an effective leader. 


A few key components in effective leadership are communication, conflict resolution, problem solving, and a host of other soft skills. At All Hands In we take a practical approach in our courses on leadership. We know from personal experience that the tool of puppetry has proven to be an invaluable tool for increasing self-awareness and empathy. This leads to more productive communication and creative problem solving as well as other soft skills essential in effective leadership. We look forward to showing you how a fun a creative approach to leadership training can result in productive and effective leadership.