Leadership and Team Building Training.

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What is Leadership Training for Managers?

Managers are an integral part of any team, they work to resolve problems, talk to their team, and to relate goals that are being set that need to be attained. That being said, some managers may not have the leadership skills that they need to be as effective as possible. The right leadership training for your managers is a great way to make sure you are going to have an effective manager that is also an effective leader. Leaders fill the role of people that your team can turn to in times of trouble, that they can turn to when they need help, and that they can turn to when issues get hard and someone needs to step up. Managers that also have leadership skills are a must and are a great way to make sure your employees have someone that can help them make the most of their time.

Recent studies have shown that the most effective managers are fluid in soft skills. A recent study by LinkedIn found that 59% of employers are having difficulty finding candidates with soft skills. By 2016 77% of employers sighted soft skills as being equal in importance to hard skills. All recent evidence for managers shows interpersonal or “soft” skills such as communication, awareness, active listening, problem solving, and more are must haves for successful management. 


At All Hands In, we made the connection between soft skills development and creative learning. Our decision to use the tool of puppetry is a strategic and practical approach to developing these valuable and high demand skills. Puppetry allows the participants to use a fun and creative learning tool that also allows the deeper insight and understanding into what effective management looks and feels like.