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The case for soft skills during crisis

Currently as I write this, I am watching massive upheaval and change happening. This transitional energy is not only happening in America, it is being exhibited around the world. For many, we are left dumbfounded at how we got here, why this is happening, and how we move forward. For others of us, this moment feels like the natural response to systems that have failed to deliver equity for generations. We are seeing unrest and instability challenge institutions and corporations which once stood as infallible pillars of our society. The chaos, uncertainty, and upheaval we are witnessing can all be traced back to cracks in foundations that have been ignored, enabled, and overlooked for centuries. But whether we find ourselves in this moment by surprise or we saw the writing on the wall for decades, the shared question is, how do we recover and where do we go from here?

The answer is both extremely simple and incredibly difficult. It requires us to take on demanding work, both internally and externally. Work that asks us to examine our motivations, intensions, and responses. We are waking up to the understanding that toxic cultures are a by-product of toxic values, maintained through toxic behavior. The fissures in these foundations have grown large enough to be seen and felt in the highest levels of power and leadership. And while we debate whether to let the old way crumble under its own weight, or to repair the damaged infrastructure, we need to utilize self-reflection, compassion, and vulnerability. If we continue to resist evolving our culture, our next actions will only result in more crisis, chaos, and conflict.

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