Leadership and Team Building Training.

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What is a Team Building Workshop?

Workshops are a great way to use your team skills and to see if you really know how to work together as a team. A team building workshop is a great way to test new skills and to put all that you have learned to work in a hands on environment. This type of class is going to be based in scenarios and in the ability of those it the class to apply what they have learned and to work through different problems that have been presented to them. A workshop is a wonderful way to learn how to apply skills that you may have learned in a classroom setting and to see just how things will play out when they are applied. Often, workshops are better for hands on learners and for those that need to see things in action before they are able to use them every day.

All Hands In began as a workshop based company out of our founder’s home. As a professional puppeteer, Kate observed that the skills she was required to have working with her puppetry colleagues, became helpful assets in other professional arenas. She developed All Hands In’s workshops as a result. These workshops are great for individuals or organizations looking to improve professional skills. We are a wonderful resource for those individuals committed to advancing their personal growth and development as well as their careers. For organizations, we provide a unique and entertaining experience that will also give your participants practical and in demand skills. 


For individuals looking to enhance their own professional path, we offer regular workshops to the public. Please contact us for more information.


For organizations looking for unique, creative and experience-based workshops, we can tailor our offerings to suit your needs. Please contact us today to discuss how our workshops can be customized to best serve you.