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"Apart from learning how to move with a puppet, we also learned leadership and team-building skills. LA is so lucky to have All Hands In — such a unique and valuable experience!"

   -Sandra Madera   Workshop Participant 

team building training

"I have taken Kate's workshop, and not only is it fascinating to learn how puppeteers work together, breaking down every movement and gesture -- but I also learned something about how I work within a group... and I had a TON of fun while doing it!"


-Rob Watzke, Turbine Founder

All Hands In

(Kate) had a great way of getting us to talk to / get to know each other in a way that encouraged trust.

- Pam Noles

Workshop Participant

"Kate is well spoken, organized and kept us on track; working with the others came very easily; I loved working with the puppets."


   -Workshop participant

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