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team building workshop

"I have taken Kate's workshop, and not only is it fascinating to learn how puppeteers work together, breaking down every movement and gesture -- but I also learned something about how I work within a group... and I had a TON of fun while doing it!"


-Rob Watzke, Turbine Founder

  Kate Katz has provided an environment, in which the artists I work with can feel safe and even flourish as they work not only on incredible projects, but also our own emotional personal growth.

While working with her, I’ve learned how to be more compassionate toward my fellow employees needs and even learned how to be more forgiving with myself. 

-Bryan Sides, 
Special effects artist, Fractured Fx inc.
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As someone in a leadership position within the creative arts, it's been my experience that reevaluation and renewal are the only ways that I grow as an artist and as a person. Working with Kate Katz and her All Hands In program caused a much needed pivot in my current thought process and workflow. 


Kate's depth and care helped strip away a lot of built up ideas, allowing me to truly rethink how I approach and engage my coworkers.  The use of puppetry as a means to get people to connect was powerful and immediate.


It's been a few weeks since I have taken her course and I am still using her methods everyday, in both my personal and professional life. I am grateful for her guidance and highly recommend the All Hands In program for anyone who cares to do a deep dive into their authentic self. 


-Rob Saunders, Head of Builds

at Stoopid Buddy Studios

"Apart from learning how to move with a puppet, we also learned leadership and team-building skills. LA is so lucky to have All Hands In — such a unique and valuable experience!"

   -Sandra Madera   Workshop Participant 

All Hands In
team building training

(Kate) had a great way of getting us to talk to / get to know each other in a way that encouraged trust.

- Pam Noles

Workshop Participant

"Kate is well spoken, organized and kept us on track; working with the others came very easily; I loved working with the puppets."


   -Workshop participant

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