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Triage Soft Skills Training

Triage Soft Skills Training

This All Hands In training program is specifically focused on helping your team transition back into work spaces post-covid. Triage soft skills training takes a specific approach to the five foundational skills that are necessary for teams to rebuild, heal, and learn how to successfully collaborate in the post covid environment. This program uses socially distant and safe practices to help teams rebuild the skills of awareness, adaptability, problem solving, communication, and collaboration. 


The focus of Triage Soft Skills Training is to help your team increase collaboration by rebuilding soft skills that may have declined due to the trauma experienced during isolation. Help your team rebuild and strengthen productivity and teamwork by addressing the underlying effects of trauma experienced during covid. This workshop uses socially distant exercises and safety protocols to protect the health and well being of all participants.

Leadership Courses

Learning these soft skills and different ways to combine them will ultimately be beneficial to everyone on your team, not just the leaders. 


If you would like to learn more about All Hands In and what we can do for you, contact us today for more information.

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