Collaborating with Quilt!!!

Updated: May 2, 2019

Well we have some exciting news this month. When I began this company a little over a year ago, I started with free workshops which I taught out of my apartment. I invited friends and colleagues who I thought would be interested in trying a creative approach to their soft skill development. In a few short months I was on the path toward entrepreneurship with All Hands In.

So now we have a new phase in our workshop offerings... We have teamed up with Quilt! For those of you not familiar with Quilt, this is a networking resource for women who are looking for community in the comfort of their home. Women can host events that range from conversations, to co-working, to workshops.

Teaming up with Quilt has allowed me to continue to open my home to workshops (which I love doing), and has given me a safe network to market to. If you'd like to check out quilt and see what they are about, here is a link to my event:

Feel free to sign up and check out the rest of what Quilt has to offer and I hope to see you soon!

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