Gratitude- What's it all about...

Updated: Nov 16, 2021

Let's take gratitude back to the basics, because let's face it y'all, sometimes we need to. Before I began my personal gratitude practice, it was usually the first thing out the window when calamity hit. Back in my early 20's that switch could be flipped quite frequently between gratitude and disappointment. It would also be an understatement to say I, "Lacked awareness."

My perspective on the world, and my place in it looked very different during my 20's-30's than it does today. The main adjustment? My relationship with gratitude.

Studies have shown that incorporating a practice of gratitude into your daily routine (what some call an "attitude of gratitude"), tend to live with less stress and happier dispositions.

So how can we incorporate this more into our lives, if we don't already? And if you feel like you're good on the gratitude front, I want to hear what you do to spark gratitude in your life.

So how did I turn this into a practice? It began when I started paying attention to how gratitude made me feel. Seriously, that's the thing about it- the minute you start to think about what you're grateful for - you instantly feel a little better. You have hope, feel connected, and the flame in your heart gets a little bigger.

Developing a gratitude practice is personal work. What worked for me may not work with you. We're all unique AF, kick ass little stars, and no two of us should have the same gratitude practice BUT you may find some of these things helpful to consider. Finding your own style of gratitude is part of all of this. This is why building your awareness becomes critical because you'll have greater insight when developing your practice. SO back to what I do...

I started small. Saying, "Thank you." and making eye contact with those serving me at the grocery store, coffee house, gas station, etc. Come to think of it, this may have been something I always did, but I didn't put intension behind it until later in life. It's important to me to hold that eye contact for a beat and just take in the humanity for a second. After this practice began I quickly added eye contact with the "Thank you," and then I'd say the servers name if they were wearing it or they said it. I have now become, the woman you don't want to walk around with unless you're up for engaging with others.