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Soft Skills on the rocks

This past weekend I changed over my autumn decorations to my non denominational holiday decor. This usually includes a lot of evergreen garland, a simple wreath, and an artificial forest that gets unboxed and arranged in my studio apartment, complete with artificial pine scent. It's my way of acknowledging the season and creating space for myself which allows for sanctuary while celebrating the holidays. I now realize that the act of decorating brings me joy and having a space to decorate makes me grateful, which happen to be my two core values. Once I began decorating during the holidays it became easier for me to lean into the season. I want to share myself with others after decorating. I want to invite friends over for a warm courtyard fire and share time together. For me, experiencing the holiday energy comes through creating and communing. Once I realized this, a lot changed in how I approach the holiday season.

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